Brand Ambassadors


Our Brand Ambassadors

Meet the pros who represent Straight Down

Jason Gore

Jason Gore
Birthdate: 1974
College: Pepperdine
Turned Pro: 1997

Ed Lore.jpg

Ed Loar
Birthdate: 1977
College: Oklahoma State University
Turned Pro: 2000

Larry Mize

Larry Mize
Birthdate: 1958
College: Georgia Tech
Turned Pro: 1980

Scott Simpson

Scott Simpson
Birthdate: 1952
College: USC
Turned Pro: 1977

Doug Garwood

Doug Garwood
Birthdate: 1963
College: Univeristy of the Pacific
Turned Pro: 1989


Arron Oberholser
Birthdate: 1975
College: San Jose State University
Turned Pro: 1998

Tom Weiskopf

Tom Weiskopf
Birthdate: 1942
College: Ohio State
Turned Pro: 1964

Loren Roberts

Loren Roberts
Birthdate: 1955
College: Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
Turned Pro: 1975

Rod Pampling

Rod Pampling
Birthdate: 1969
Birthplace: Redcliffe, Queensland, Australia
Turned Pro: 1994

"The shirts are fabulous and the pants are awesome feeling, the best!"