Sunday Drives Vol. 1

Our First Playlist

We wanted to share some of the music that inspired us while working on our current apparel collection. So we dug through our vinyl collection and found some tracks that fit the mood and a few old favorites to add to the mix. Give it a listen and let us know in the comments what you'd like to hear in Volume 2.

Companion Cocktail

Round out the experience with a classic Manhattan as made by Rod and Hammer with their handcrafted small batch Reserve Rye Whiskey.


2 oz Reserve Rye Whiskey
1 oz sweet vermouth
1 dash herbal bitters
1 days cherry bitters

Garnish with orange twist and maraschino cherry.


Chill Martini Glass.
Add Rye Whiskey, sweet vermouth an bitters to mixing glass.
Add ice and stir for 30 revolutions.
Strain into glass and rim with orange peel.


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