Bloom Rise™ Foam Technology

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About Bloom Algae Based Foams

Bloom Rise™ is an environmentally-conscious, high-performance replacement for petroleum-based EVAs. Foams utilizing Bloom’s algae technology deliver exceptional performance, which make them excellent replacements for conventional foams. Algae’s natural thermoplastic qualities allow Rise to meet, and in some cases exceed, the performance characteristics of conventional petroleum-based foams.

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Agricultural runoff increases phosphate levels in ponds, lakes, and rivers; leading to increased algae growth and eventually, reduced oxygen levels.

Before and After Algae Harvesting

Helping to Maintain Fragile Ecosystems

Using Rise™, a U.S.A. made Bio-Foam product, helps us reduce the environmental impact of our shoes by incorporating a percentage of biomass derived from harmful algae blooms. The algae is harvested from the Mississippi delta, helping this key natural resource stay clean and healthy.

By implementing algae biomass into performance products around the world, Bloom is helping create and maintain healthy ecosystems.

How Bloom Foams are Made

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Step 1:

Excess algae is harvested directly from imapacted areas, helping to restore fragile ecosystems.

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Step 2:

The algae is dried and turned into a powder.

Lightweight Performance
Step 3:

The powder is compressed into pellets that can be used to replace plastics in the molding process.


Measurable Impact on the Ecosystem

A single product containing 40% algae-sourced biomass weighing 200 grams represents a significant positive impact to the environment.

180L of water cleaned
113 cubic meters of air cleaned