Big Red and The Silver Bullet

Here at Straight Down we don’t like to follow the norm. That is why about 10 years ago we purchased an authentic and retro Airstream trailer. Big Red, appropriately named, is completely restored inside and out.  It now utilizes the capability of custom embroidery on site, plus you can catch up on your favorite sports on one of our TVs and even enjoy a cold beer with one of our team members.


A little further down the road, literally, the Straight Down team decided to add another trailer to the lineup. This one is called The Silver Bullet.


But you are probably wondering what purpose do these trailers serve to a golf and lifestyle company? The answer is simple.  It gives our customers an unforgettable shopping experience that is incomparable to any other. From the event itself, to the high-end apparel you leave with. Whether it’s you’re your local member-guest or private invitational tournament, our constantly changing and innovative mobile store is what contributes to us standing out from the crowd.

In the Summer alone you can find Big Red or The Silver Bullet at over 40 amazing golf courses hosting events.  If not on the green, you can catch them cruising  down the highway in style. From the breathtaking mountains of Washington, to the famous Florida everglades, make sure to be on the lookout for the Straight Down trailers during your Summer vacation or weekend golf outing.