"Great Ambassador & Great Clothing"


We at Straight Down love making you happy. We love it even more when you share those happy thoughts with us!

Last week, our brand ambassador Scott Simpson hosted a golf clinic and this is what one fellow golfer had to say about the experience:

“Last Monday I had the opportunity to play at a golf outing at Midvale Country Club in Rochester, NY. One of your Brand Ambassadors "Scott Simpson" put on a Golf Clinic. I just had to send you a note to tell you what a great guy he was, you hear stories on how some of these pros just show up for their check and can't get out of there fast enough. Scott not only put on a clinic and played a par 3 with everyone, he also played an extra hole with us afterward, you have a wonderful representative for your clothing. I also LOVE your stuff, I put an order in the next day! Great Ambassador and Great Clothing!"

-Sam Villareale 

Thanks for sharing Sam! We love hearing that you enjoyed your experience at the Midvale golf clinic and that you are a fan our of clothing!