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Behind the Wings | The SLO Life

Behind the Wings | The SLO Life

This month we are celebrating 34 years of business!

Insiders know that Straight Down has found its home in the picturesque city of San Luis Obispo, California for all these years. As we embrace the SLO-life, we invite you to explore the magic of this special place with its mild Mediterranean climate, breathtaking hiking trails, and vibrant farmer's market. Join us as we share our favorite local spots, making you an insider to the very best of SLO!

To Do: Hike Bishop’s Peak

Location: 1 Highland Dr, San Luis Obispo, California

Hiking Bishop's Peak in San Luis Obispo is a must-do adventure for outdoor enthusiasts. This iconic trail offers stunning panoramic views of the city, surrounding hills, and the beautiful coastline. The hike, while moderately challenging, rewards hikers with breathtaking vistas at every turn, making it an ideal spot for photographers and nature lovers. The well-marked trail weaves through lush vegetation and rocky terrain, providing an invigorating and memorable experience. As you reach the summit, the sense of accomplishment and the opportunity to soak in the picturesque landscapes make the journey truly unforgettable.

To Drink: Baileyana

Location: 5828 Orcutt Rd, San Luis Obispo, California

A visit to SLO isn’t complete without a tour through wine country. This unique AVA has the coolest temperatures and longest growing period in California, and is known for producing wonderful cool climate Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. One of our favorite stops on the wine trail is Baileyana, which happens to be just around the corner from our HQ. Their wines highlight the cool climate that the central coast is known for and their venue offers great vineyard views and a relaxed vibe. We love coming here on the weekends with friends to kick back with a glass of wine and enjoy a friendly game of bocce ball.

To Eat: Farmer’s Market

Location: Higuera St, San Luis Obispo, California

San Luis Obispo's farmers' market is a beloved local favorite where the aroma of kettle corn and BBQ fills the air. Every week, this vibrant market comes to life, transforming the Downtown SLO into a bustling hub of activity. As the sun begins to set, local farmers proudly display their abundant yields, showcasing an enticing assortment of colorful fruits and vegetables grown with care and dedication. Beyond the abundant produce, the market boasts a variety of artisanal products that capture the essence of the region's creativity and craftsmanship. For both residents and visitors, the Thursday night Farmers' Market in San Luis Obispo is a true highlight of the week.

To Golf: Avila Beach Golf Resort

Location: 6464 Ana Bay Rd, Avila Beach, California

For a twilight or weekend round, we like to head out to Avila Beach Golf Resort. This course is situated along the Bob Jones Trail, a bike path that connects San Luis Obispo to the ocean. The sunny course takes you through oak lined valleys and across a tidal estuary, and is enjoyable for all skill levels. Best of all, you can celebrate your successful round with a stroll along the nearby beach, enjoying restaurants, bars, and live music as you watch the waves crash onto the shore and the sun sink into the horizon.

To Pack: Lightweight Layers

Light layers are essential for a trip to the Central Coast. Whether you're experiencing a foggy morning on the green or enjoying a sun-kissed afternoon of wine tasting, versatile pieces that offer protection from the elements are the key to ensuring you remain effortlessly comfortable and stylish throughout your trip.

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