Shoe Technologies

We incorporate a variety of proprietary and well-known technologies into our shoes to provide superior performance, durability and comfort.

Ball tech
Ball™ Cushioning Technology

Ball™ cushioning foam, a high tech proprietary formulation, offers exceptional comfort and cushioning for increased rebound, with an energy return level of 60%, compared to just 40% for most competing insoles.

Wedge Traction Outsole
Wedge™ Traction Outsole

The Wedge™ Traction Outsole offers plenty of grip for a wide variety of outdoor activities and is comfortable to walk on all day.

Diamond Traction Outsole
Diamond™ Traction Outsole

A proprietary pattern that was conceived for trail and hiking applications, The Diamond™ Traction Outsole provides exceptional multi-directional grip on a variety of surfaces, including turf, grass and hard surfaces.

Bloom Algae Foam
Bloom Technology Foam

Bloom foams help us reduce the environmental impact of our shoes by incorporating a percentage of biomass derived from harmful algae blooms.

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Interchangeable Softspikes™ Pulsar cleats

Made from 100% recycled plastic, Softspikes™ offer exceptional grip, and can be easily swapped out to upgrade your shoe’s looks and performance. Our shoes are compatible with the Fast Twist, Fast Twist 3.0, Slim-Lok, and Tri-Lock systems.

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Japanese Clarino™ Suede and Leather

Invented in Japan in 1965, Clarino™ is a synthetic non-woven microfiber material that provides superior breathability compared to natural leathers.

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50% recycled polyester
50% Recycled Polyester Content

The recycled polyester content in our knit upper is equivalent to the amount of plastic used to make four plastic bottles per shoe. Using recycled materials requires significantly less resources than new fibers and generates fewer CO2 emissions, while offering increased tensile strength in the finished product.

100% genuine full grain leather
100% Genuine full grain leather

Made using full grain leather for a classicly authentic feel.

Waterproof lining
Waterproof Lining

A water barrier in the lining to keeps your feet dry in the most harsh conditions.

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Casual Shoes

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